Piñata II - The Edge of Darkness
By: Thomas Patten

Piñata II - The Edge of Darkness <BR>By: Thomas Patten
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    The sheik and his organization were gone along with the cargo of diamonds but a troublesome dilemma still plagued the international community.

    Renwelt’s infamous Piñata was still alive and well. He meddled in political differences between third world nations and reaped fortunes in return for offering mercenary force. Payment was usually a nation’s art treasures that he sold to the wealthy and politically powerful of the world.

    Sir Henry Shilling, a British intelligence agent, was given an assignment to bring an end to the troublesome activities of Renwelt and his Piñata.

    The Sheik had boasted that he possessed a jewel-encrusted artifact that dated back to the second millennium BC. That artifact along with the fortune in diamonds and jewels lay in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea in Captain Wesley’s wreck.

    A covert plan is set in motion. It involves two scholars that research biblical history at a Metamora monastery in Greece. Captain Wesley wanted the diamonds and agreed to lead the expedition. The services of a Greek deep-sea salvager were contracted. The wreck was found but fate dealt an unexpected hand to all in quest of the fortune. When the treasure was retrieved, terror came to the salvagers but a new love survived. The Piñata was destroyed and the sea reclaimed its bounty.

    Trade Paperback 221 pages
    ISBN 1-932701-84-2
    Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC