Prosperity Code
Your Inheritance in the Future Kingdom
By: Jeffrey Lowmaster

Prosperity Code <BR>Your Inheritance in the Future Kingdom <BR>By: Jeffrey Lowmaster
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-846-3
    Edition: Paperback, 99 Pages
    Publication Date: May 29, 2008
    When you think of prosperity what does it mean to you? Do you imagine a large beautiful house, filled with everything you ever wanted? Do you think of a fancy new car that turns every head as you drive by? Or, do you dream of having more money than you could possibly spend in your lifetime? Of course! This is the American dream! Unfortunately, for many Americans, the pursuit of the so-called American dream has left them with an enormous debt trying to live a life style they cannot afford.

    What is important to realize, not everyone is meant to receive material wealth because of a simple thing called human nature. But do not be discouraged, because once you set your sights on something much more important than material possessions, the riches you truly long for can be obtained when you receive the precious gifts that God has for you.

    In Prosperity Code you will discover…

    True prosperity does not come from material wealth; it comes from within and you can obtain a fulfilling life through the grace of God.
    Why you need Jesus Christ for your salvation.
    The power of the Holy Spirit working within you.
    How to realize God’s blessings for you.
    Your responsibilities as a Christian and how you can acquire the countless treasures awaiting you in the future Kingdom.
    The many crowns promised each Christian at the Judgment Seat of Christ and how you could earn each one.
    What the future holds for all mankind according to the Holy Word of God and how to prepare for Jesus’ imminent return for His church.