Of Courage & Character
By: Guy R. Phillips

Of Courage & Character <BR>By: Guy R. Phillips
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-595-6
    Edition: Paperback, 208 Pages
    Publication Date: October 7, 2015
    Adaptable to a screenplay, this action packed fiction novel runs the gamut of emotions and understanding, letting the reader decide if the hero has made the right choices between politics and humanity.

    Set in the near future, Richard, an intelligent yet naive young man, is raised during a political civil war where the United States is divided East and West by conservative and liberal ideals. Richard is raised as a good socialist until a series of events catapults him into life or death decisions.

    Richard is accompanied by a soldier of fortune named Ryan and a beautiful woman named Sonja who will shape Richardís future and lead him to make the ultimate decision: Loyalty to his country or to himself.

    My hope is the reader comes away with a good feeling about themselves and the resiliency of mankind.

    This is an easy reading novel with lots of action, twists and humor, yet allows time to meditate over the doctrines of man.