Oblivion - Master's Well, Part One
By: William C. Gaul

Oblivion - Master's Well, Part One <BR>By: William C. Gaul
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    ISBN: 1-59824-402-7
    Edition: Paperback, 292 Pages
    Publication Date: December 9, 2006
    Other Editions: Hardcover
    The end is near...

    The universe stands at the brink of destruction, a result of the mistakes of mankind and the evil of a strange entity known only as Quantos. When all hope is lost, three allies unite to prevent the unthinkable and save the universe from certain extinction. Each searches for a tower, a mythical building said to be the fountain of all life and the well of the worlds. The most compelling question of all resides in the will of each of the heroes themselves: can they survive? Only time – and the tower known as Master’s Well – can tell.