Not in My Front Yard, Global Warning
Live and Let Others Live
By: Akaash Paattal Mansarover

Not in My Front Yard, Global Warning <BR>Live and Let Others Live <bR>By: Akaash Paattal Mansarover
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-270-2
    Edition: Hardcover, 398 Pages
    Publication Date: April 1, 2011
    There are so many books on South East Asia and so many on Race Relations, yet people World around are still in the dark about our part of the world despite so much information available everywhere. This book is a running commentary on our way of life both here and back home and it may very well have succeeded in bringing out our basics besides throwing light on host of other issues hitherto not well known.

    Everyone is familiar with ‘Nimby,’ “Not in my backyard”, ‘Nimfy’, “Not in my front yard” sets an altogether different tone. It is a caution for one and all to pay heed to global warning; live and let others live. Life is too short to hold grudges; forgiveness is the only way out of the dilemmas we all find ourselves in. There are lots of references to it in the book, find them and adopt them.

    Pictures in the book have been taken on actual locations and tie well with the theme of the book; enjoy them as you read past them.