Navy Fun
By: Vince Stead

Navy Fun <BR>By: Vince Stead
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-514-1
    Edition: Paperback, 171 Pages
    Publication Date: April 19,2007
    When Ronald Reagan was in Charge, and Being in the Navy was a Blast

    Enjoy yourself, as you step into the shoes of a Navy sailor, who travels around the world, on a Destroyer, an Aircraft Carrier, and a Submarine Tender, and visits 16 countries! You'll travel by Navy ship, and see some very interesting countries, with shopping, bars, and stories of famous Red Light districts, and women everywhere!

    See what it's like TO be out to sea on a ship, working and playing, in the middle of the ocean!

    See all the Crazy and Wacky things Officers do, and see how the Admiral lives on an Aircraft Carrier!

    Then, transfer to shore duty, where it seems the women are in charge, and there are plenty of them!