My Take Out At The Old Ball Game
By: Dave Hinrichs

My Take Out At The Old Ball Game <BR>By: Dave Hinrichs
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-410-2
    Edition: Paperback, 130 Pages
    Publication Date: July 13, 2012
    Prado was an ex-ballplayer whose promising career was cut short by an arm injury. Now he is an ex-con who has come up with an ingenious plan to rob the Redvale Phillies cash office, and if the plan requires some blood to be spilled, that is fine with Prado as long as it is not his own. The only problem is the double-crosses start flying around like baseballs in this story of greed, brutality and murder that will keep you turning the page until you reach the end of this gripping caper.