More Than Angels: Once Upon a Dream
By: Ruby Moon-Houldson

More Than Angels: Once Upon a Dream <BR>By: Ruby Moon-Houldson
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-134-7
    Edition: Paperback, 263 Pages
    Publication Date: February 15, 2010
    Nightmares plague Thia once again and her latest case takes her back to her hometown. Colin travels with her and decides that it might be good for her to stay in the house where she grew up.

    Professionally ignoring her personal past, and the nightmares that threaten to overtake her, Thia responds to a local resident who writes a letter to her at the FBI office telling how the town of Wenten is being overrun by drug dealers who are terrorizing, victimizing, and stalking the citizens. There is sufficient details and background given that Thia feels she cannot ignore the letter, especially when accusations are made that the town’s police are involved.

    A citizen of Wenten is now a “witness” for the court, and in having this new title he is taking full advantage of being protected by the law; assaulting anybody who gets in his way. But the town is tired of the fallout from such an alliance and call upon Thia to help them get back their city.

    Thia interviews town residents, quickly finding evidence to support the claims that have been made. But the most difficult challenge for Thia is that she must now face spirits, shadows, and the evil that remained in her childhood home until she returned! One night she winds up alone in the house and decides this is the time to open one particular door at the end of the hallway, only to immediately hear a low chuckle there in the dark....

    Suspenseful tension, action and a final kidnapping scene that Thia alone must handle, mixed with terrifying, nightmare events will keep you riveted! As death knocks on her door, Thia discovers she must once again turn to those who are More Than Angels.