Moonlit Terrace
By: Kemy

Moonlit Terrace <BR>By: Kemy
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-790-9
    Edition: Paperback, 489 Pages
    Publication Date: May 7, 2008
    Moonlit Terrace is an emotional and touching novel. It details how an extremely wealthy and powerful man succumbs to the everyday pressures in life, and unwillingly falls in love on the journey.

    Steffen Galeio, an Italian immigrant and entrepreneur of Galeio’s Shipping Incorporation is invited to one of the most talked about political events of the year. Steffen circulates his presence within the multitude of aristocratic and social elite. He makes eye contact with a very beautiful and sensuous woman named Isabella Tramaine.

    Isabella Alexis Tramaine, a vivacious, beautiful, and intelligent woman. In addition, a potential match for Steffen Galeio’s cool and abrasive demeanor.

    The two dance to a seductive physical enticing ballad.

    Steffen Galeio’s philosophy of I hunter you prey was put into play, as he whispered promising words of physical compensation into Isabella’s ear.

    Isabella intentionally breaks Steffen’s imprisoned embrace. Her only reasonable means of escape is onto the sanctuary grounds of a Moonlit Terrace.

    Steffen and Isabella share a kindred intimate embrace on a Moonlit Terrace, until the unexpected became too unbearable for Isabella to mentally comprehend. Her quick departure leaves Steffen, abandoned, physically depraved, and emotional captivated.

    Does Steffen Galeio’s philosophy of fast cars, rich women, and no commitment hold merit?

    Indulge your senses in emotional discreet. Get into the mind of a methodical stalker. Hide behind a mask at the Tramaine’s Masquerade Ball. Sit in on a Learjet table conference. Feel the spellbinding emotions at a New Haven, Connecticut palace, as it withers down to emotions battling the will of good judgment. Moreover, cruise in the backseat of a moving limousine intimate moment. All this awaits you and plenty more in the pages of Moonlit Terrace.