Means of Misappropriation
A Dishonorable Affair
By: P. J. McAllister

Means of Misappropriation <BR>A Dishonorable Affair <br>By: P. J. McAllister
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-418-2
    Edition: Paperback, 57 Pages
    Publication Date: January 11, 2007
    Means of Misappropriation is a sequel to P. J. McAllister’s first work, Misfortune or Murder? The author lives on Long Island, New York.

    The commander received a letter from the law firm and his first thought was, “Am I being sued?” Wes Lewis received the second big shock of his commandership. The State had enacted a law to permit gambling on his premises.

    The treasurer said to his men, “This could be very profitable for all of us. Good luck, let’s go make some money. The plan is simple, your cut is 80% and mine is 20%. On a slow night, turn in the entire amount. We don’t want to arouse suspicion.”

    Vincent’s electronic security was light years ahead of anything that had ever been seen before and he asked the commander for the first quarterly report submitted to the trustees.

    General Paulsen knew exactly where Schillson was but word was leaked to Judge Frazer that he had completely disappeared.