My Life, My Hell
This Grunt's Journey Back to the World
By: Dan R. Vaughn, Jr.

My Life, My Hell <BR>This Grunt's Journey Back to the World <BR>By: Dan R. Vaughn, Jr.
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-204-7
    Edition: Hardcover, 171 Pages
    Publication Date: August 13, 2010
    Other Editions: Paperback
    The majority of Americans know of the fifty eight thousand who died in the Vietnam War, but very few have heard of the hundreds of thousands who have died since its end. They are the forgotten victims of a war fought by politicians instead of generals with no real plan for victory. Vietnam Veterans by the thousands have died since the war because of their exposure to Agent Orange, but so many more have taken their own lives to forget the Hell on Earth which they endured. In my book, I try to take the reader back in time so they can understand the real story behind the Vietnam War as seen thru the eyes of those of us who fought it. My story tells of the struggles of day to day life as I and my brothers faced the enemy in battle in Vietnam, and it also tells of their bravery and sacrifice for each other. I have tried to explain to the reader how combat affects those of us burdened with pain, loss and guilt for those who could not return. I hope my story becomes a lasting tribute to those men and women lost in a war in which America seemed to have forgotten so many years ago. I also hope and pray that it will save the life of just one veteran before he or she gives up their struggle to find peace.