Much About Prayer
By: Eugenie A. Roberts Mayers

Much About Prayer <BR>By: Eugenie A. Roberts Mayers
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-951-4
    Edition: Paperback, 84 Pages
    Publication Date: December 2, 2008
    Victory in Surrender!

    I always believed respect should be given to all, especially those in authority, the elderly and men.
         I also thought those in authority were always right. I figured they had the truth and the answers to every problem. Basically this was the impression given as I interacted with them at varying levels.
         However, I learned differently, since most of them, if not all, taught me various tough experiences which opened my eyes. The experience of being a good teacher, left me with great understanding since I allowed them to push me into higher levels as a volcano would, rather than that of an earthquake.
         This helped me to pray always; acknowledging God in all my ways, that he would direct my paths. I even learned to rightly divide the word of truth. As such, I rose from strength to strength and from glory to glory in my relationship with God.
         Generally, we become angry when we’ve had negative or painful experiences. But, because of God’s wisdom and his love for us he does not allow our experiences to be wasted.
         So, since he had a purpose, he used all of my experiences to bless me especially knowing he is able to turn the bad around for a good use. Those rough experiences also become our ministries. They give us knowledge, understanding and wisdom; and if used correctly bring us into prosperity.