Lucidia A Glimpse of Dualism
By: Abron S. Touré

Lucidia A Glimpse of Dualism <br>By: Abron S. Touré
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    ISBN: 1-59824-102-8
    Edition: Paperback, 409 Pages
    Publication Date: December 2005
    Other Editions: Hardcover
    Lucidia A Glimpse of Dualism is the second book in The Glimpse science fiction fantasy series. It carries on in the tradition of blending technology, religious symbolism and a philosophical critique on contemporary social and environmental ethics. The story picks up with the lives of our three main characters, Issy, Gyee and Weaver now all grownup having taken their rightful places in Zinndarian public life. They are given the task to protect the legacy they have inherited as citizens of a great society.

    Two crucial changes unfold in the book. Our heroes find their female counterparts and in so doing begin to discover the real gifts associated with the creation story. Secondly, the mysteries of mysticism come full circle. At the heart of the story a debate rages whether the art can be practiced as a true science. The question becomes mute as the physical and spiritual evolution of the planet’s inhabitants’ begins to fully play out.

    The hidden secrets in the first Glimpse saga or the means to attaining eternal life continues to unfold as the people of Zinn are compelled to accept their role in a war that is being waged on a celestial level. In this battle the once mysterious Teachers move away from their anonymous role as Keepers of the Camps and reengage the Zinndarians as allies against an unimaginable foe.

    Above all Lucidia is a love story between man and woman, man and mentor and man and his creator. The Zinndarian life struggle remains as complex as ever as the gifts and the legacy of their condition becomes more rewarding.