Love Gone Awry
By: Mamie Walker Cowser

Love Gone Awry <BR>By: Mamie Walker Cowser
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-351-8
    Edition: Paperback, 283 Pages
    Publication Date: November 26, 2011
    This is a story about Sylvia Ellis, a former private investigator who thought that she had seen it all where male/female relationships are concerned. Sylvia’s life is in turmoil. After a tearful lunch with her only niece Mandy, she mysteriously disappeared. Sylvia reared Mandy as her own after cancer took her mother’s life. Mandy filled the void after Sylvia lost her baby and any hope of motherhood after a confrontation with her husband’s mistress. While desperately searching to find her niece, she fights urges to take out revenge on Mandy’s husband whom she believes is responsible for her niece’s disappearance, unaware that her own life is in danger. Adultery, lies, deceit, murder and suicide permeates the lives of these characters when love goes awry.