Lessons Earned
By: Michael F. Martin

Lessons Earned <BR>By: Michael F. Martin
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-734-3
    Edition: Paperback, 75 Pages
    Publication Date: December 14, 2007
    As humans in the business world, we are often conflicted with doing the right thing for the company, self and for God. A sect claiming to be Christian business (men, woman, human) lend hope in achieving this balance of the right. Can anyone define a Christian businessman?

    Many of us would probably be wary of people who describe themselves as church-going Christian businessmen. Going to church and saying you are a Christian is like walking into a garage and saying you are a car. In many workplaces, it seems Christians should worry about self spontaneous combustion. So does this Christian businessman sect serve the special KOOL-AID® at meetings or are they capable of spinning their heads 360° while spewing gross bodily fluids during corporate calisthenics? Thankfully not, but you need to look closely for the positive indications of this sect at work. If you are as fortunate as the author, you will be paid to learn about Christian business – by your employer.

    Lessons Earned sites personal growth events from the secular workplace and the teachings we grew up with to chronicle the progress of one apprentice in this reborn and wholesome trade.