LINE by Jacques Fashioneir
By: Lana Reddock

LINE by Jacques Fashioneir<br>By: Lana Reddock
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    Jacques Fashioneir is an up and coming fashion-chain designer, although divorced. His personal life takes twists and turns, into dilemma after dilemma, leaving the children to fend for themselves in order to cope as they pawn-like try to trust both parents. In the midst of the faltered marriage-divorce syndrome, romance takes a gentle but lasting hold, from an out-of-town stranded victim of an airplane crash. Refusing to live in a shell, Jacques and Caryne beam as a couple till she becomes taunted by murder in self-defense.

    Trade Paperback 208 pages
    ISBN 1-932701-59-1
    Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC
    Other Formats: Ebook Version