Life After AIDS
Restoring Health Naturally
By: Noreen Martin

Life After AIDS <br>Restoring Health Naturally <br>By: Noreen Martin
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-504-2
    Edition: Paperback, 168 Pages
    Publication Date: March 19 2007
    Today we spend the majority of our efforts on the curing of disease, while the majority of efforts should be placed on prevention. Could it be that our concept of how to achieve and maintain perfect health is flawed? Nature so wisely placed in food the necessary ingredients to maintain health and only by eating natural foods can we expect to maintain health.

    Disease is the most unnecessary thing in life, created by man and not by nature. Sickness is never neutral. It is produced by violating the principles of health. Comply with natural laws and you will be healthy; violate them and you will pay the consequences. Above all, remember that there is nothing that brings the dead back to life but there is much that can be done to prevent the living from death.