Knowing God's Holy Commandments
By: Jimmy V. Simpson

Knowing God's Holy Commandments <BR>By: Jimmy V. Simpson
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    ISBN: 1-59824-069-2
    Edition: Paperback, 124 Pages
    Publication Date: October 31, 2005
    This book contains Godís scriptures about what we are required to do to get our name written into the Lambs book of life. When one gets their name written into the Lambs book of life can it ever be removed? Does God require us to obey any of the Ten Commandments or any of his other Commandments? Does God command obedience to his word or are we allowed to continue living a sinful way of life and still go to heaven? All of these questions and many others are answered by the scriptures that are copied directly from the Holy Bible into this book, word for word, just as God had them written. The Bible is God speaking to us and he cannot lie. All of Godís scriptures that are copied into this book are true and we cannot change or ignore them for our salvation depends on our knowing the truth. We must know for sure and God has recorded them into his Bible for us, and the only way to know the truth is through knowing Godís word. We must never believe what anyone says concerning our salvation unless it coincides with what God has written in the Bible. Godís word is the sole authority. We must know for sure. We must never play games with something as important as our salvation.