Jesus - The Mighty Rescuer
Life After Abuse
By: Sharon A. Langevin

Jesus - The Mighty Rescuer <br>Life After Abuse <br>By: Sharon A. Langevin
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    ISBN: 1-59824-179-6
    Edition: Paperback, 85 Pages
    Publication Date: March 27, 2006
    If you have been a victim of abuse and are looking for comfort, this book will help you reflect on Godís Word for reassurance that God cares and loves you very much. He also wants to heal you from the pain and distress that abuse has caused. In this book you will get encouragement and strength as you look to The Mighty Rescuer and His Holy Word for wisdom and insight on how Jesus can come to your rescue. If you have been abused and want Jesus to heal you, then this book, Jesus - The Mighty Rescuer is for you.