Journey of the Talith
By: Danielle Crow Adams

Journey of the Talith <br>By: Danielle Crow Adams
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    ISBN: 1-59824-263-6
    Edition: Paperback, 488 Pages
    Publication Date: June 23, 2006
    The world is in turmoil! Find exciting answers to today’s dilemmas by discovering ancient mysteries coming alive in this unusual novel.

    Travel through time with a prayer shawl originally owned by physician Luke, Jesus’ apostle in first century A.D. This talith naturally appears at various historical events through 2000 years. Finally, the ancient garment comes out of the grave with its owner when the entire Jewish nation is supernaturally gathered and revived at the return of their Messiah.

    “Then when Billy’s father died three and a half years ago, I sort of buried Billy and him together. I mean, I took the most precious thing I had, a memento of my son, and wrapped it around my husband’s head. This talith,” she held it higher for us to see, “came out of the grave with my husband!”

    A well-kept secret is revealed in this thrilling, scripturally based story that brings hope to both Christians and Jews.

    Where do you go when you die? Almost every possible afterlife scenario from Adam and Eve to the return of Messiah is depicted. If you long for meat instead of milk, you will enjoy feasting on the deep ideas in this tantalizing story.