Just Deserts 3: Trouble Finds Me
By: Sheila Roy

Just Deserts 3: Trouble Finds Me <bR>By: Sheila Roy
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-202-3
    Edition: Paperback, 355 Pages
    Publication Date: August 26, 2010
    The petite and curly-haired assassin, Miranda, is more accustomed to killing men than sleeping with them. In fact, she can count the number of men she’s been with on one hand. The dark-haired Nash Shapiro, who’s as jealous as he is smoking-hot, has a passionate relationship with Miranda. They’ve survived several bumps in the road, but the green-eyed Lincoln Shapiro is ever-waiting in the shadows for his chance to steal Miranda away. His only time with his older brother’s girl was stolen and interrupted. Now he’s hoping for much more.

    Weary and emotional from the sibling rivalry, Miranda seeks solitude in Grand Cayman. She is either crazy or overwhelmed with loneliness when she heedlessly invites Colin, Nash’s hunky best friend, to her hotel for some down time. Except, Colin wasn’t the only man in Miranda’s life who thought to follow her to Grand Cayman!

    Miranda’s heart is being tugged in different directions, but the guys think they have a solution. And so the games begin. Eventually Miranda will have to choose, but how can she choose between the men in her life amidst all the trouble: coordinating hits, brutal fights, a treasure hunt, a kidnapping, and bruised egos? Just Deserts 3: Trouble Finds Me is a witty adventure with steamy romance. (And just maybe, it’s every girl’s dream!)