Joey and Mup
By: Olga J. Provencher

Joey and Mup <BR>By: Olga J. Provencher
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    ISBN: 1-59824-048-X
    Edition: Paperback, 134 Pages
    Publication Date: September 30, 2005
    This is a children’s book, written for ages of five and up (and up and up); the parents and grandparents may feel intrigued too, reading it to their little ones. But you don’t necessarily have to be a child to enjoy it! If you are attracted to things that are mysteries to the modern world, like Ancient Egypt, myths and inhabitants of elements – you may like it.

    This book is about a loss and coping with it, and we thought THE BOOK ITSELF could be the way of coping. It tries to remind - “when God closes all the doors, He would always leave an open window”. There is a little bit about that Window in the story…

    The book is definitely a fairy-tale, with magic, discovery, transformation and incredible adventures in it. And we mean REAL magic of Life. It also consists of a real story of psychological development of a boy. The story has a meditative side, a little nostalgic note, simple humor and kindness to it. But most of all, it was written with love about Love – and we hope, not too sweet. The illustrations were drawn by the author; so this is EXACTLY how Joey, Mup and the others look.

    If you know Love, your heart could be that Window to the real magic…