Inward Forces
A Roller Coaster Love Affair
By: Dr. Tammie Page

Inward Forces <BR>A Roller Coaster Love Affair <BR>By: Dr. Tammie Page
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    ISBN: 1-59824-152-4
    Edition: Paperback, 71 Pages
    Publication Date: February 21, 2006
    A love affair takes Sheila on a roller coaster ride that leads to a no win relationship, and once she hits the bottom of the loop she is left with an empty feeling of being used and unappreciated. After a few laughs, a few screams, and a little bit of excitement, she finds herself sitting at the bottom of the loop alone, with low self-esteem, a broken heart, and tears running down her face. Itís up to Sheila to get off the train, but she decided to take the ride over and over again. What would it take to get Sheila on the right train and headed in the right direction.

    Many women suffer through abusive relationships, some physical and some emotional. But the final decision to get out of the relationship lies mainly on their ability to have the courage to make a choice to get out and move on with their life. We often characterize abusive relationships as being physical. However, abusive relationships may stem from anything from mind games, control issues, verbal abuse, lies, manipulation, broken promises, etc.

    This book describes such a love affair, which is intended to be both entertaining and serve as an eye opener for young women who have found themselves caught up in an unhealthy relationship. Many women have an idea of what type of man they would like to spend their life with, but they settle for something else with the hopes of that man becoming what they really want. The first consideration should be to ask if it is fair to assume this transformation will happen. Are you willing to accept consequences if it doesnít work out? How long do you wait before you decide to move on if it does not work out? If you know the parameters of your expectations before you go into a relationship, then you can make an intelligent decision on when enough is more than enough and walk away from the situation. Relationships can be confusing, sometimes itís hard to remember that a physical attraction doesnít equate to relationship material and good sex doesnít equate to love.