History Will Teach Us Nothing
Alesaundra S. Atreides

History Will Teach Us Nothing <BR>Alesaundra S. Atreides
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    ISBN: 1-59824-301-2
    Edition: Paperback, 233 Pages
    Publication Date: August 28, 2006
    What is an Englishman raised in London and trained in his chosen profession at Cambridge doing in the middle of a murder investigation in Virginia City, Nevada? That’s what archaeologist Dr. Jared Harrison would like to know. All he did was lift the tarp to uncover the current dig of the Boston Saloon. The next thing he knows there’s a body in one of the holes, the local Sheriff’s Department is everywhere and what’s worse . . . he called his wife by the dead girl’s name. Between the Deputies asking questions, dodging a disgruntled Virginia City merchant, and avoiding possible divorce court, Jared has to answer to his wife’s obvious concerns as well as juggle the anger and resentment he feels that she wouldn’t understand the previous relationship he’d had with the victim. He also has to deal with his daughter’s arrival (a daughter from another previous relationship) and her announcement that she intends to stay in the States with her father and not return to London.

    Could things possible get worse? You betcha!

    Dr. Harrison soon finds out that History Will Teach Us Nothing.

    . . . Plot twists and turns abound . . . I simply could not put it down. This book literally begs to be read and demands a sequel. I hope this is only the beginning.
               Kim Walker – Columnist, Ol’ Virginny Ink

    . . . A fun mystery with an accurate historical location set amongst an actual archeological excavation. An enjoyable read from a new and promising writer.
               Mark Twain Bookstore, Virginia City, NV