How to Fight Devils, Demons, and Phantoms
By: Dennis Melton

How to Fight Devils, Demons, and Phantoms <bR>By: Dennis Melton
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-324-2
    Edition: Paperback, 95 Pages
    Publication Date: August 23, 2011
    How to Fight Devils, Demons, and Phantoms is a scripture based guide on how to deal with the paranormal in your life with explosive type power from God that you will not find anywhere else. This book will show you how to pummel any and all evil spirits into submission where they will not come near your house or dwelling, and will run if they see you coming. This information comes from 25 years of processed information from doing house cleansings, deliverances, exorcisms, inner healings, and spiritual battles with evil and wicked entities. In this book there is some new information on a little known subject, Phantoms. You will learn the grass roots basics, such as protecting yourself and, of course, Spiritual Warfare. In Spiritual Warfare you will be exposed to thousands of spiritual weapons such as the Battle Axe found in Jeremiah 51:20. Several Warfare Prayers are provided, including the amazing Power Prayer Covering that covers the seven major Strongman demons and their cohorts. In this book we talk about warfare tactics, anointings, and the battle. This book encourages you with hundreds of thousands of Christians that are tired of putting up with what the Devil is putting out, and joins in the battle. They are transforming themselves into mighty warriors for Christ, and bringing collateral damage to the Kingdom of Babylon. A definite divine reversal, where the tormented turns the tables on the enemy and becomes the tormentor!