Home of the Red Fox
By: J. A. Buxton

Home of the Red Fox <br>By: J. A. Buxton
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    ISBN: 1-59824-291-1
    Edition: Paperback, 313 Pages
    Publication Date: July 28, 2006
    Sophia Kessler, who once excited gentlemen with her erotic fan dancing, ended her days alone in a dreary hotel room. The police discovered 79-year-old Franklin White locked in a small shed, nearly starved to death. Jacob Morningside thought he would end his lonely days in a nursing home, abandoned by his family.

    When multibillionaire William Walker opens his mansion for these and other elderly guests, even a century-old mystery, romantic intrigue, bigamy, and a serial killer canít disturb the safe haven he has created for the lonely, the abused, and the overlooked.