Harvest of Souls
By: Michael Wayne

Harvest of Souls <BR>By: Michael Wayne
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-960-6
    Edition: Paperback, 241 Pages
    Publication Date: January 7, 2009
    The sky burns red this autumn. A fine line exists between the legend and the truth, the living and the dead…

    Seventeen-year old Eve Lohmiller enjoyed a quiet life in the small community of Mercy Falls—until the day when she and three friends decide for fun to conduct a candlelight séance at the old town cemetery. They gather around the infamous grave of a local boy who died twenty years before on Halloween under suspicious circumstances.
          In the aftermath of their graveyard ritual, Eve and her friends suddenly become the targets of a menacing, hatchet-wielding stranger draped all in black who lurks the town. Sinister deeds are set into motion and Eve must attempt to save herself and her friends from death, while she uncovers a dark secret from the town’s past that will thrust her into a gauntlet of terror as a ghostly legend of frightening proportions is born.
          Harvest of Souls is a modern day gothic tale of murder, mystery, and one young girl’s desperate struggle to survive a living nightmare.