Heaven Is a Real Place
By: Carolyn B. Anderson

Heaven Is a Real Place <BR>By: Carolyn B. Anderson
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-512-7
    Edition: Paperback, 75 Pages
    Publication Date: April 16,2007
    How would you like to step on flowers and have them bounce right back? How would you like to swim underwater and never have to take a breath? How would you like to take a swim, step out of the water, and have your clothes instantly dry? How would you like to eat fruit and never stain your clothes? Not only that, but how would you like to watch a piece of fruit fall from a tree and suddenly vanish before your eyes? These are just a few things that this book shares about heaven. Of course, the most important thing about heaven is seeing Jesus. Heaven is a wonderful place and this book invites children to come learn what their Heavenly Father has prepared for them.