He Hit Me One Time Too Many
By: Jo Anne Meadows

He Hit Me One Time Too Many <BR>By: Jo Anne Meadows
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-585-7
    Edition: Paperback, 161 Pages
    Publication Date: April 5, 2015
    He Hit Me One Time Too Many is a fictional story that was created by author Jo Anne Meadows. The main character in this story had many issues. He was very abusive, had many aliases, and he had six wives - two of which he was married to at the same time. He was given up at birth to an adoption agency; his momís best friend was able to retrieve and adopt him. He was neglected by his biological mom who wanted no communications with him due to her wild lifestyle of drugs and prostitution. While growing up he wanted a relationship with his mom, but to no avail. Each of his wives looked like his mom and he took his frustrations out on them. It took wife number six to put him in his place. Even though this story is not true, there are many people that can relate to it.