He Healed My Broken Past
The Calm After The Storm
By: Jacqueline Carmichael

He Healed My Broken Past <BR>The Calm After The Storm <bR>By: Jacqueline Carmichael
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    ISBN: 1-59824-071-4
    Edition: Paperback, 48 Pages
    Publication Date: September 2005
    This is a book that tells of the struggles and hardships I endured that enabled me to hear the voice of God. After receiving a call from “The Son” on 1-11-2004, I began writing prophetic poetry, with details later found to be true in the individuals’ life. The poems were intended to be an expression of ones’ thoughts, but people began telling me that there were true facts in the poems. Most of the recipients of the poems were brought to tears upon receiving them. Some were healed, and I knew this was truly the Master calling me to walk in my spiritual destiny! After Jesus called me, about a month later, He gave me a poem entitled “He Rose”. This poem was to cost thirty-three dollars and I was told that anyone sowing into this ground would receive a special blessing. I was instructed to use red paper, symbolizing the “blood,” bold black print… old things are passed away… and a white “wooden” frame. I started a small business to help raise money to help this church. I later joined the church and hope to be a blessing to many others that will accept the gift of God!