Guidelines to Poetry
Carolyn Ann Gaines

Guidelines to Poetry <BR>Carolyn Ann Gaines
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    ISBN: 1-59824-267-9
    Edition: Paperback, 118 Pages
    Publication Date: June 15, 2006
    The Carolyn Gaines Perspective. . .
    Notebook and Editions

    Carolyn Gaines is an inspiration to others who are going through different trials and tribulations in their lives. Our Heavenly Father has surely blessed her in a spiritual sense with her poetry, songwriting, singing, and her becoming an author.

    Carolyn shares her gifts with others by helping out wherever she can, writing for nonprofit organizations and letting them use her poetry as a gift to raise funds to help others. In spite of her health troubles, she really tries very hard to live a normal life and do as the Lord would have her to.

    Sister Gaines shares her knowledge and wisdom to help others and to discuss her own personal aspects in life so that others can see and feel the blessings that God can bestow upon a person of obedience and following his will. Singing in her church choir and going to other churches or events is one of her favorite settings.

    Carolyn feels that expressions mean a lot into todayís society. Being able to express her poetry emotionally, spiritually, and physically is certainly an asset to her work.

    Carolynís hopes and dreams include being able to write and touch hearts as much as possible. It is her deepest hope that her work will help the saved as well as the unsaved to have a closer walk with Jesus while the blood is still running in their veins. Also, she truly does intend to publish more and more to do Godís will as he sees fit.