Getting To Know Marriage
By: Dr. Natika M. McPherson PhD, LPC, NCC

Getting To Know Marriage <br>By: Dr. Natika M. McPherson PhD, LPC, NCC
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-735-6
    Edition: Paperback, 86 Pages
    Publication Date: July 26, 2018
    Dr. Natika M. McPherson is the wife of Gregory, owner and operator of the Mobile Mac Shop. She is also a licensed professional counselor who has been serving couples and marriages for over 10 years. Listening to her heart and learning from her education and experiences over the years, has allowed Dr. McPherson to rekindle her own struggling ability to ‘Know Marriage’. In addition, she has been able to encourage others to live in the freedom of operating in the marriage they believe in without feeling guilty, controlled or ashamed. It is Dr. McPherson’s desire to see marriages successful and long lasting just as the vows say. This book will help you walk through the simplicity of finding the real you and accepting your real spouse while learning how to take two whole people and intertwine them as one! We can only be responsible for what we know, so let’s Get To Know Marriage!