A Glimpse of the Planet Zinn
By: Abron S. Touré

A Glimpse of the Planet Zinn<br>By: Abron S. Touré
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    A Glimpse of the Planet Zinn is a science fiction fantasy loaded with symbolism and religious overtones. The story unfolds around the lives of three boys. They are heirs destined to inherit the legacy of a great society, where one of the ultimate gifts or achievements is eternal life. This benefaction is ever fleeting and obtained more as a result of predestination or accident rather than one’s personal endeavors or abilities.

    The struggle is very complex. The participants are not even aware that the gift exists. In fact all who reach this height do so without conscious effort. However, the consolation to those who fall short is also quite rewarding. Theirs is the achievement of adulthood which brings with it the glorious rank of full participation as a member of the Zinndarian society.

    Hardback 513 pages
    ISBN 1-932701-43-5
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