Guardians of Immortal Truth
By: Ruby Moon-Houldson

Guardians of Immortal Truth <BR>By: Ruby Moon-Houldson
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-048-7
    Edition: Paperback, 146 Pages
    Publication Date: June 9, 2009
    Christopher and Jadyn learn the evil vampires have taken a new turn in the scheme of things. They are utilizing technological advances in order to take over the middle realm. All that makes man feel safe is thanks in part to the evil side. It is only a matter of time before the evil vampires close in on their prey. The D-Chip and E-Veil are just two of the instruments by which man will fall under the clutches of evil.

    It is up to Christopher, Jadyn, the good vamps, the new ‘day’ vamps, and the rest of the clan to try and thwart the Evil One’s latest plot. But how will they be able to carry off such a feat when the world is already saturated with the latest and greatest in technological advancements?

    The ‘Voice’ is due to be brought into the world. Christopher finds he must take Jadyn to a safe place and single-handedly help deliver his daughter—the ‘Voice’ which will call forth the Keys to Immortal Destiny.

    Jorrell makes an appearance once again and he announces to Jadyn that he’s in love with a mortal woman. What new path is Jorrell’s life about to take? Many hidden secrets are at last revealed in this the 8th book in the “Guardian” series. What are the secrets that surround Immortal Truth?