Guardians of the Immortal Realms
By: Ruby Moon-Houldson

Guardians of the Immortal Realms <BR>By: Ruby Moon-Houldson
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    Christopher and Jadyn Varatoo must work together and locate a hidden artifact that will bring Light and Life to those who dwell in darkness…the vampire. If the evil ones – the evil vampires gain control of the Stone of Light and Life they will gain the power to walk about in the daylight and nothing will ever be able to destroy them. They will take over the world and bring humanity to its knees.

    Gain a deeper understanding of why the first vampires were created and see how the evil vampires of today have changed from the path of their original reason for being.

    Live through the deepening bonds of love that Christopher and Jadyn discover as they become closer than they have ever been since the beginning of their seven-hundred-year-test of love and faith. Discover a long-hidden truth about Jadyn and where her true source of power is derived from. Over time secrets are revealed that shed a little more light on the mysterious path that has been created for Christopher and Jadyn to follow.

    Once again witness the great love and trust that have developed between the vampire and the Guardian of souls. Share the realization that Love is truly the most powerful force in all creation. See how Christopher and Jadyn become the Guardians of the Immortal Realms.

    Trade Paperback 185 pages
    ISBN: 1-59824-014-5
    Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC
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