Guardians of Immortal Life
By: Ruby Moon-Houldson

Guardians of Immortal Life <BR>By: Ruby Moon-Houldson
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    Christopher and Jadyn celebrate their eighteenth year together at ‘The Night Life’ club. They discuss their past trials as well as their past triumphs. They plan for their future as well as for their children’s future.

    Just what sort of children has come from the union of a Pure Vampire and a Guardian? The answer…only the best warriors that can be created. Jadyn, Christopher, and others from the upper realms, work hard to train Peyton and Adrian for the time they will face the evil vampires and ward off their treachery. These children will be the only thing that will stand between evil and immortal life, and between evil and the upper realms.

    Jadyn and Peyton begin to dream of a Phantom who is killing off dream Guardians. They discover he is not from the same time reality but from another continuum and that Jadyn is partly at fault for his being able to reach into their reality. The Phantom reaches through the rip, and with each dream Guardian, killed a Benevolent One – a good vampire, is destroyed in real life.

    Once ten dream Guardians are killed, the Phantom will be freed. He will join with the Evil One, bring destruction to the middle realm, kill off every good vampire, and then reach the portal to the upper realms in order to overthrow the Masters. The catch: Jadyn and Peyton must be the last two killed in order for the Phantom to be freed.

    Jadyn finds herself matched against a power so strong that she is beaten by it many times. How will she keep Immortal Life safe if she is destroyed? How can she keep her daughter safe from the clutches of such a powerful evil? How can she defeat a being that can read her mind and always be one step ahead of her? How can she and Peyton keep from dreaming? Every time they dream they draw one step closer to their own destruction. How will they destroy something that doesn’t even exist in their own reality?

    Trade Paperback 213 pages
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