Guardians of Immortal Humanity
By: Ruby Moon-Houldson

Guardians of Immortal Humanity <BR>By: Ruby Moon-Houldson
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    The Stone of Light and Life has been stolen. It now rests in the hands of two evil vampires. The two who command the Stone become super vampires. They cannot be destroyed. The fate of immortal humanity hangs in the balance as the vampires set into motion, the takeover of the world.

    Jadyn cannot destroy them, but when they threaten Christopher’s life she races against time to discover a solution to the disaster that the middle realm now finds itself caught up in. Christopher and Jadyn travel to Washington, DC in search of clues that may lead them to the answers that they seek. There, Jadyn discovers allies she never dreamed of meeting.

    Meanwhile, Christopher finds himself undergoing a mysterious transformation that has him craving blood once again, calling him back to the dark side of the vampire. After he nearly attacks Jadyn, he leaves his beloved wife and unborn child and sets out on his own to uncover the mystery behind his change. What he discovers is not what he expected.

    Jadyn is now left on her own to find a way to fight the two super vampires. Alone for several days she realizes that she is dying, for her bond to Christopher has strengthened to such a degree that she cannot live without him. As she slowly fades away from life, she continues to fight to uncover a way to save immortal humanity from certain destruction.

    How will she defeat the evil without Christopher? How will she survive without him? What if he returns to the evil side of the vampire? How can she stop something that cannot be destroyed? Has the Guardian finally met her match?

    Trade Paperback 157 pages
    ISBN: 1-59824-001-3
    Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC
    Other Formats: Ebook Version