Georgia Lonely Boy Returns Volume Two
By: William T. Dixon

Georgia Lonely Boy Returns Volume Two <BR>By: William T. Dixon
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    ISBN: 1-59824-188-5
    Edition: Paperback, 86 Pages
    Publication Date: April 18, 2006
    The good and bad times while stationed in Germany. He won all fights by knock outs. All boxing matches lasted only two rounds. This soldier was rough and a devoted sergeant. The reason he decided not to be a career soldier was that he would rather return to his private life. Before entering the Army he was a Teamster over the road truck driver. Hes now back in New Jersey trying hard to make his marriage successful. He knew his marriage was going bad before his wife came to Germany to join him but he continued to try and work things out. He accepted his wife when he knew she was unfaithful to him. Why, he never knew. The only thing he knew was she was his first love. This young ex-soldier finally divorced her and went on to marry a girl named Lisa who he had met while stationed at Fort Lee VA, the girl he was very much in love with before leaving for Germany. Lisa was his second love. They are both happily married and now living in southern New Jersey with two wonderful daughters.