Government Economic Report
An Intelligence Officer's Viewpoint
By: Mohammed M. Hunafa

Government Economic Report <BR>An Intelligence Officer's Viewpoint <BR>By: Mohammed M. Hunafa
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-389-1
    Edition: Paperback, 33 Pages
    Publication Date: April 23, 2012
    Government Economic Report provides a hard look into how America is allocating economy dollars for its own advancement as well as other nations. This book brings to the forefront some of the information on what most would not readily have found by other sources. It relates to the reader from the standpoint of an intelligence report. As an intelligence officer, the author believes he is duty bound to work in the interest of national security and it has been deemed by those he serves that this report directly to the American people needed to be done. It will help you each live better informed and be able to make intelligent decisions in your everyday lives. You will know what your country has stock in and how it directly affects your individual life.