Final Offerings
A Selection of Stories from the Heart
By: Henry M. Schmidt

Final Offerings <bR>A Selection of Stories from the Heart <bR>By: Henry M. Schmidt
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-271-9
    Edition: Paperback, 259 Pages
    Publication Date: May 16, 2011
    Other Editions: Hardcover
    Henry Schmidt has done it again.... He has written for the people who look to find their friends or themselves in each and every story he comes up with.... One reader said she was certain that it was her mate who he wrote about in one of his stories. Another fan said it was his fault that the story was so true to his misbehavior. Still another older gentleman said he apologized to his wife for being in the story she had read about misinterpretations of love.... Henry has written stories that have made men ask their wives to pull over while driving so that they can retell the story in THEIR words.

    Where these stories come from is anyone’s guess, but you can be sure that there is at least one that is very similar to what you have experienced during your youthful dream filled days and nights. Every man and at least most women will admit that the stories ring true in certain ways that they are reluctant to remember. If that is the case with you... then read with a smile on your face and answer questions at a later date.... Enjoy what the author has provided for discussion with your loved ones sometime in the near future... Hurry because Henry has more stories coming soon and you my friend might just be the focus of his next book....

    Henry Schmidt has many a story yet to put to print. He is writing for everyone to enjoy, even though some folks have asked that their names not be used.... He is getting more ideas from the people he crosses paths with in his everyday life in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are looking to be part of some personal exposure... then play it straight so that excuses in the future are easier to explain....