Faring Homewards: The Philosophy of Antoine de Saint-Exupery
By: Tim Weldon

Faring Homewards: The Philosophy of Antoine de Saint-Exupery <BR>By: Tim Weldon
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    In this original and scholarly book, Tim Weldon outlines Saint-Exupery’s philosophy clearly and succinctly. Dr. Weldon’s book is wonderfully accessible to academic and general audiences alike. It is a true gift for the millions who have been enchanted by Saint-Exupery’s stories.

    “Faring Homewards superbly blends poetic sensitivity and literary history to bring the reader into a full experience of the much-loved but little-known French writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This contemplative portrait is painted with a nuanced understanding of the imaginative landscape of the author of The Little Prince; a landscape shaped by the shifting sands of his own historical moment as well as by the timeless truths he embraced in his quest for meaning. Saint-Exupery’s Catholic childhood and his affinity with Pascal say more, according to Weldon, about the ethical and aesthetic underpinnings of the artist’s thought and work than critics to date have understood. Weldon’s brief but important volume reveals a Saint-Exupery who is far more than the writer of the world’s most famous children’s story for adults; he becomes, in these pages, a fellow sojourner in the encounter with the infinite.”

                                                   Kathleen Mullaney, Ph.D.
                                                   Dominican University

    “A penetrating study of a writer who is much read, yet often neglected as a thinker.”

                                                   Bruce A. Newman, Ph.D.
                                                   Western Oklahoma State College