Experiment W and Collected Works of Evan Smith
Final Edition
By: Evan Smith

Experiment W and Collected Works of Evan Smith <BR>Final Edition <BR>By: Evan Smith
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-440-9
    Edition: Paperback, 241 Pages
    Publication Date: October 15, 2012
    Join us in mankind’s greatest experiment, Experiment W, as we attempt to build the first warp engine. A fantasy forerunner of the real thing, this work may not for long be pure fiction.

    If Jules Verne was alive today he might very well write this book, which deals both with science and the courage and determination that is needed to further it.

    As President Borros says in his speech shortly before the test, “Knowledge is gained by success or failure, so there is only failure if we fail to learn. Let us go forth into the unknown as one, united in this effort to extend man’s presence into the infinite cosmos, for it is there that lies our destiny.”