Einstein's Solution: 99 Years and Change
By: Robert D. Tieman

Einstein's Solution: 99 Years and Change<br>By: Robert D. Tieman
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    Have you ever wondered what the experts donít tell you about Albert Einsteinís theories of relativity? Einsteinís theories are presently explained in terms of complicated calculus and space-time diagrams (Brehme and Minkowski). To the casual enthusiast, this hinders understanding and evaluation. Originally, Einsteinís theories were derived algebraically. These fundamental relations were then generalized for non-fundamental applications with the use of calculus and space-time diagrams. What we are taught today is not what was originally conceived. I have stripped away all the generalization and delved into the heart of relativity as well as its true fundamental origins. I then rebuild these theories based upon the basic properties of nature that are currently accepted as true. The reader will see every detail, explained the way it should have been originally. The final determination is left up to you.

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