Diversity Uncrowned, First and Thirty-four
The Linda Aldridge-Robertson Story
Shandra Love

Diversity Uncrowned, First and Thirty-four <BR>The Linda Aldridge-Robertson Story <br>Shandra Love
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    ISBN: 1-59824-409-4
    Edition: Paperback, 53 Pages
    Publication Date: December 19, 2006
    Retrace the steps of Linda Aldridge-Robertson, through childhood on up to adulthood. You will vividly see all of the things that she saw and feel all of the things that she felt, when she came into the realization that she was adopted.

    Later she would deal with being despised and ridiculed for wanting to help everyone else to see that African-Americans are beautiful people, too, and running for Homecoming Queen was definitely her way of bringing this fact to light.

    Had her sense of self been less potent, she might have walked away before deciding that she was bigger than all that was coming against her.

    Her motherís passing would take place only months after gaining the title, but the fact that she lived to see her make history was a welcomed comfort.

    This book is very short and direct, but it will leave you with much to ponder.