Darwin Smiled
By: John Stchur

Darwin Smiled <BR>By: John Stchur
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-291-7
    Edition: Paperback, 297 Pages
    Publication Date: May 24, 2011
    The tale of a motherless child gifted with superhuman strength and the sensual angel who saves him

    Darwin Smiled is the amazing story of a young man named Johnny Leeds, who might easily be thought of as “the thinking man’s Superman.” Everything about him is scientifically, physiologically possible and has historical precedent, surprisingly well-documented precedent, while the story itself is written by someone who knows first-hand what it is like to be in the upper echelons of the strength world, both personally and as a trainer of numerous exceptional athletes.

    Darwin Smiled, however, is much more than merely the tale of an eighteen year-old who just happens to be the most powerful human being to ever walk the Earth. Fun, somewhat quirky and absolutely unique, it is also a love story, a mildly erotic novel (at times), and a tribute to the heroic nature of the unconditional love given him by two very special women: First is Julie, the sensual yet nurturing exotic dance instructor who has been surrogate mother to her twin brothers since their real mother’s death when she was fifteen and the boys themselves were still in diapers. And later, Johnny’s mother Diana, from whom he was stolen when he was only two. She has never stopped searching, stopped believing... and she is about to discover the truth.