Down, Not Out
By: Ron Kervin

Down, Not Out <br>By: Ron Kervin
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    ISBN: 1-59824-257-1
    Edition: Paperback, 346 Pages
    Publication Date: July 10, 2006
    A military assassin attempts a return to a civilian life and career. Economic problems with his new business and growing family force him to do part-time work for NSA Black Ops. Stress-related problems result in the loss of his wife and children through divorce. Due to his religious beliefs and commitments, he cannot just commit suicide. To end his pain and suffering, he places himself in a situation where he will be shot by a DEA drug raid. Through his work with NSA, he has made friends with a drug dealer from south Louisiana. He joins his friendís gang and picks a fight with a local police department working with the DEA raid. He is only wounded, placed in prison, and subsequently offered a deal by the DEA to go back in undercover to bring down the drug crime family originally targeted in the raid. Due to the love he has for his children, he overcomes his grief and works with the DEA.

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