Dragon's Fire, Insanity's Reign
By: Ruby Moon-Houldson

Dragon's Fire, Insanity's Reign <bR>By: Ruby Moon-Houldson
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    Prologue: The riddle: Through a path of fire you must sojourn. Enter the mouth of the dragon and conquer the flames. By thirty and five this must be done or insanity will be won. Touch the heart of the fearsome beast – its troubled heart you must ease. A life for a life must be the offering to set in motion the hope for the future. Once there was one then became two and one it must be all anew. Only when the earth’s cry had been silenced, and the fire’s of hell vanquished with the purity of water, will love prevail and set the captives free. When opposites combine, when love abounds, then created in love one will be…the start of a new, brighter tomorrow.

    In 1263 in England, the bloodlines of Deluge and Hakan introduced to the world a bloodthirsty and never-ending battle for the right to be the element of power that would reign over the earth. Water and fire had gone up against each other and the ensuing battle brought about massive bloodshed and an imbalance in the circle of life. Gardon Deluge and Galiel Hakan brought upon their heads and their bloodlines, a curse of the ages…dragon’s fire and the reign of insanity. Only when a certain riddle had been solved would the curse be lifted. So it was written.

    It was the year 2000 and he so wanted to be free. He had lived with the curse of the dragon for over seven hundred years and had suffered greatly. He cursed his very name – Galiel Hakan (redeem by fire). He had learned his lesson. He now accepted that water and fire were equal.

    Halen Deluge (restore by water) had been in and out of psychiatric hospitals ever since she was twenty years old. It seemed that she had inherited her father’s family curse…insanity by thirty-five. But she needed answers. There was only one thing for her to do and that was to go to where it all started…England.

    Galiel feared the day of freedom would never come for now only one from the Deluge line remained. If Halen Deluge didn’t solve the riddle that was written within Gardon Deluge’s mausoleum, then he, Galiel Hakan, was doomed to forever exist as a dragon of stone. Would the last of the Deluge line have mercy upon him? Would she forgive him and accept his forgiveness? Or would she succumb to eternal insanity? Would there ever be peace between their two bloodlines? He prayed that it would be so.

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