Dark Depths of Love
By: Jeanette Cooper

Dark Depths of Love <BR>By: Jeanette Cooper
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-830-2
    Edition: Paperback, 299 Pages
    Publication Date: May 20, 2008
    Dr. Heather O’Neal’s world is destined toward traumatic upheavals the minute a phone call sends her racing into an abandoned neighborhood to save the life of a young boy. Brought up in a poor neighborhood by loving parents, beautiful, innocent Heather dedicates her life to serving others until the boy and his father impacts her life drawing her into a relationship wrought with adversity.

    When young Wally Hampton, traumatized by a past ordeal that renders him mute, bonds affectionately with Heather, he breaks his silence for the first time in over two years, activating a chain of events that will affect Heather’s entire life.

    Anthony Trevor Hampton, a self-made multi-million dollar corporate tycoon will go to any links to make his son happy. Witnessing Wally’s affection for Heather and the miracle precipitated by her presence in prompting him to talk touches off Tony’s plan to keep Heather in Wally’s life. He decides to marry Heather—and he always gets what he wants. He eventually falls deeply in love with her, which sparks negative emotions and behaviors leaking from the core of severe childhood abuse. Suddenly engaged in an emotional arena he’s unfamiliar with, his feelings are beyond his control, and inadvertently, Heather, an innocent party, becomes the object of his sickness. Untamed passion, undying love, and the journey to trust are just beginning…

    Dark Depths of Love is a tragic story filled with deep love, passion, and a man’s determination to break the crippling bonds of childhood abuse, and a woman’s generous heart to save her marriage against all odds.