Destiny Creek
By: William D. Padrick

Destiny Creek <BR>By: William D. Padrick
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-462-1
    Edition: Paperback, 190 Pages
    Publication Date: January 24, 2013
    Mike and Jessica had no idea their lives would be changed forever by a simple photograph. Accused of murdering his best friends when they disappeared five years before, Mike takes Jessica on a hiking trip to the scene of the alleged crime, a pond along Destiny Creek. What Mike discovers is beyond comprehension. The surface of the water is a portal into the past where his friends are alive in a very different world. The pond becomes the source of heartbreak and eternal hope as Mike is unwillingly pulled back to a time before meeting Jessica, condemning him to a lonely life without her. Searching for the truth, Jessica is determined to raise their unborn son alone as she presses the sheriff to admit what really happened. Through the strangest of circumstances and the intervention of an unlikely savior, their future together is sealed once again along Destiny Creek.