Dear Bill
Revisit to Korea
By: Gordon Clyde Southern

Dear Bill <BR>Revisit to Korea <BR>By: Gordon Clyde Southern
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-452-6
    Edition: Paperback, 213 Pages
    Publication Date: April 2, 2007
    The “Dear Bill” title refers to Colonel Bill Williams, an Army colleague over many years who planned to accompany the author on a “Revisit” tour to South Korea. Unfortunately Bill Williams was unable to make this visit because of a progressive cancer illness. Gordon Clyde Southern, the author, made a full commitment to Bill that he would record the trip with complete notes and photos.

    The return to the scene of battle served to re-kindle old memories that had lain dormant for the 40 plus years. The assembly of grizzled old veterans provided an in-depth study of the military situation both historically and with growing concern for the current international tension. There are no eloquent acknowledgments in this book from the Generals, the Admirals, those with Cabinet protocol, or from Heads of State. It is nothing more than a soldierly narrative from those who fought along the Main Line of Resistance who seek to render a subtle reminder that historical neglect of the Korean War may tempt modern historians to issue their own revisionist philosophy.

    There is also a not-too-subtle conclusion that this nation may be faced with the necessity of instituting an Army Draft policy in order to maintain a formidable military might in view of our continued involvement in conflicts around the world.